• Reaching the Next Billion...

    By developing micro-entrepreneurs who generate income streams, link markets, and create opportunities.
  • Driving an Inclusive Impact..

    Through increase in income, productivity, and better livelihoods and providing avenues for growth and development.
  • Empowering the Rural Communities..

    Through well-connected, systematic, and efficient eco-system for value and impact to ensure a sustainable subsistence.
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Empower by Enterprise


To find catalytic, scalable solutions to global farming challenges, “Agriculture and Rural Development” should be seen from an enterprise paradigm, not a charity. 

The variety of new approaches mitigates the challenges of farmer literacy and adoption through real-time information delivery systems.

Sustainability by WEALTH


eKutir, through its enterprise-based model converts an exploitative & fragmented system into a collaborative & connected distribution model.

This generates WEALTH for rural households through access to toilets, safe drinking water, good agriculture practices, skill development & Preventive healthcare services.

Deliver with Results


eKutir works through a decentralized network of micro-entrepreneurs, who engage with the farmers and rural communities.

Micro-entrepreneurs identified from within the local community, selected through due diligence, trained in technical and non-technical acumen use ICT to engage with the farmers.

Fostering Prosperity


The twin impact of this model is in generating rural employment and sustaining income, productivity, and livelihoods of the farmers and rural communities.

The micro-entrepreneur becomes a self-sustaining unit delivering agriculture and rural development services, thereby creating a holistic impact.

The Innovation PIE Social Business Model


Fostering participation of farmers and BoP communities in collective decision making and empowerment.

ICT Enabled.

Introducing new technologies to Monitor, Manage, Track & Transact with the BoP communities

Entrepreneurship driven

Incubate, Select, Train & Engage micro-entrepreneurs, which serve as Human Interfaces with BoP communities

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News Room What's trending at eKutir

  • The Broadband Effect +

    IDB Logo

    Inter American Development Bank HYSTRA , and  Opportunities for the Majority  include eKutir as one of the key initiatives using technology and leveraging broadband to significantly improve rural livelihoods in India.

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  • Sowing The Way +

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  • Grand Challenges India(GCI) +

    eKutir was awarded the first GCI award supported by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation USAID - US Agency for International Development , and BIRAC, India to pilot the inter-linkages between agriculture and nutrition for a healthy living among the low-income communities

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